September 2013

Fall Festival

First Annual Franklin Center Fall Festival

Saturday October 26th, 2013

On Saturday October 26th, 213 come to the Franklin Center, 1403 Metropolitan Ave to help us celebrate the new life of the Franklin Center. It will not be open until the summer of 2016 but we would like to share the plans for its re-construction  and renovation.  We would also like to get your support and input.

As we work towards opening the Franklin Center, it will be a place that the community can call its own.  We are striving for it to be a Community Center that is open to all ages that will have a neighborhood café, water-spray park, play equipment and many more things!

At the Fall Festival there will be food, live music, clowns bouncy house/moonwalk, prizes and much more.  Come join us between 10am and 5pm.  There will be a kid’s carnival from 1-4pm.

 If you need more information, contact Ruperto Aguirre, (913) 689-8430 or the Franklin Center (913) 213-3250.  Any proceeds or donations will go to the funding of the center itself.  We hope to see you there.

New Sign!

We are excited to announce that we have a new sign outside the Franklin Center.  If you have driven on Metropolitan Ave. in the past couple weeks I am sure you have had the privilege to see it!  If not, I suggest taking a drive past 14th and Metropolitan!

For us it is not just a sign to announce the name of the building but it is a symbol of hope.  Below the main sign there is a smaller sign that announce the reopening of the Franklin Center in Summer 2016.  This is the hope that I am talking about, to see what once was abandoned restored and together as a community of common neighbors who love our neighborhood, we want to work together to make it a better place and restore the blighted parts of our neighborhood.  The restoration Franklin Center is one big step towards making our community an even better place to be.

Thanks to our neighbors Ruperto and Jose for taking time to put up the new sign for all to enjoy!