• Restoring the iconic, Franklin Center Building, to be the thriving hub of our neighborhood as a multi-use community center.

  • Empowering common neighbors to change common urban problems to an uncommon good.

The Franklin Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 community development organization that empowers common neighbors to transform common, urban problems into an uncommon good.

Our Vision

The Franklin Center will become the thriving, iconic hub of our neighborhood that it once was as a multi-use community center. It will feature:

Cooperative Workspace

The Franklin Cooperative will offer flexible, low-cost, shared work spaces for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers

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Event & reception

The Franklin Center’s event hall will be the premier event space for quinceañera parties, corporate receptions, religious celebrations and family gatherings in Kansas City, Kansas.

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The Cafe at Franklin Center was an anchor of community life in Argentine where neighbors would drop in for coffee and run into familiar, warm faces.

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From a safe place to stop after school to jumping on a computer or grabbing a ball and go outside to enjoy new play surfaces, fully-engaged and empowered youth are at the heart of the Franklin Center’s vision today.

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In a neighborhood with no parks or public meeting spaces, we’ll once again have a place at the Franklin Center to convene meetings and reinvigorate civic participation.

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A place that captures and reveals the soul of our neighborhood.

The community we've always dreamed about

The best life, right here.

In spite of the obstacles that confront our neighborhood, we have the audacious belief that at truly good life, perhaps the best life, can be found right here.  Our neighborhood is changing the rules on great places to live in our city.  We’re assembling a growing community of neighbors who see ethnic, economic, and religious diversities, residential and commercial vacancies, not as threats to the Common Good or opportunities for personal gain, but as the raw materials of a truly Uncommon Good.

Restoring a distressed, urban neighborhood through dignity, beauty, belonging and imagination.

Our Values


Exchanging Problems for Possibilities


Environment matters. Every human being deserves beauty


This neighborhood is ours to create


Imagination can alter reality